Molly and Moose

Molly is a 2 year old female Bernedoodle. Moose is a 6 year old Goldendoodle. Both dogs but especially Molly had developed leash reactivity towards other dogs which made walking them very challenging. Their owners wanted obedience training for them to be able to control their impulsive behavior. Training involved adding a lot of structure to their lives so they would learn to make better decisions about co-existing with other dogs. Sharpening and improving basic obedience skills proved to be really important in helping the dogs learn to earn control obsessive barking, and any other unwanted behaviors. 10 training sessions were completed and the results were that both dogs improved their behavior. The last session even had the dogs off leash on a field. The owners were happy to know that the future was looking good for taking their dogs to places they had previously avoided.

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