The Executive Canine Team

Les Hansen (Owner)

Les is a balanced family dog trainer and has helped hundreds of people successfully train their dogs. Training has become his passion since Executive Canine Services opened in 2014. He loves all breeds and appreciates each dog’s individual personality. It would be accurate to say, “Les has gone to the dogs” since opening his business.

Achilles (Canine Assistant)

Achilles is a handsome Labrador Retriever and is Les’ loyal training assistant. He has mastered the art of being calm around other dogs and loves to help with training sessions. Achilles is a man of few words and uses his canine skills to lead by example.

Why Work With Us?

Fun for Everyone

We make training fun and rewarding for the whole family including your dog.

Proven Methods

We use proven and successful training methods including tools and strategies that can be applied effectively and consistently. We love helping people who struggle with their dogs behavioral issues and draw on 40 plus years of experience from owning and training own dogs.

Successful Results

Our training takes the mystery out of how to achieve having a well behaved dog. Dog owners are given the knowledge and strategies needed to set their dogs up for success.

Services and Pricing

We are family dog trainers. We help families train their dogs of all breeds and ages to learn new skills or stop bad behavior. Dog training is an ongoing effort starting as a partnership between us and dog owners. We set each family up with the basics for creating successful relationships with their furry friends

Meet Some of our Happy Clients

We have worked with hundreds of families and their dogs. They come to us with different needs or issues. Each of them have different stories with happy outcomes. Here are a few of their stories.


Executive Canine Services has relocated from the San Francisco East Bay Area to California Central Coast near Pismo Beach. We are excited to be serving dog owners and their furry friends in the Five Cities Area and San Luis Obispo County. Call, email or fill out a form to schedule an appointment