Rebel is a 1 year old female Cane Corso. Her family’s goals were to make her into an excellent family dog and companion. She was nine weeks old when we started training. The Cane Corso is a strong and powerful breed and her owners knew that training her would be very important. When fully grown Rebel will be 120-150 lbs. She has learned to walk well at heel, and does not pull on the leash. She sleeps in her crate, goes to “Place” on command, and has a calm demeanor. Nine training sessions were completed, and the owners were very happy with her progress. Following is the note they sent recently:“Rebel is now 1 year old. She is continuing with her training daily and always is making us proud of her manners and how she acts in public. Constantly reminding us of how happy we were with the job you did helping us in our journey!”

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