I started working with les almost immediately upon getting my 1st dog. I was connected with les just by chance. It turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me and my puppy hank. Besides being very reasonably priced, les is a great guy and trainer. We started with simple puppy obedience and just getting on the same page as my puppy, gradually working towards leash etiquette and general dog obedience. Les is constantly giving guidance and tips on different issues and items. After working with les over the past few months, he’s turned my buddy hank into a good mannered well behaved dog and turned me into a competent dog owner. Les is the best
Travis H.
Diablo, CA

Executive Canine Services has relocated from the San Francisco East Bay Area to California Central Coast near Pismo Beach. We are excited to be serving dog owners and their furry friends in the Five Cities Area and San Luis Obispo County. Call, email or fill out a form to schedule an appointment